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Angel Leeca
29 April 2011 @ 09:40 pm
If you were invited to the Royal Wedding, what gift would get the bride and groom?

I wou;d get them a kitten and/or A puppy
Angel Leeca
28 April 2011 @ 10:33 pm
634 - 646 Collapse )

Angel Leeca
13 April 2011 @ 04:44 pm

Most of my information is coming from Hands.org, But you can expect this to be similar with any group you join. You my access another post I have made on ogyd_syh & </span>Here


A lot of the disaster was in Ofunato and Rikuzentakata, Japan. In these two cities alone.An estimated 2,400 people died and 7,200 houses were destroyed.

FAQ and things YOU should know!Collapse )FAQ and things YOU should know!Collapse )

Packing List

Local businesses are starting to reopen; but come prepared with all the basics you will need during your volunteer

time so that you can get right to work.

Must bring:

􀀀 Tent (some volunteers may be housed at a local campground; also in case of emergency having a tent is nice!)

􀀀 Sleeping pad/air mattress (we DO NOT provide mattresses/bedding)

􀀀 Sleeping bag or bedding – it can get pretty cold here at night

􀀀 Personal work gear (work gloves/N95 dust masks/eye protection, etc)

􀀀 Closed-toe trail/work boots and/or rubber boots

􀀀 Shots (minimum – tetanus)

􀀀 Water bottle

􀀀 Personal first aid kit

􀀀 Combination lock

􀀀 Passport/ copies

􀀀 Permanent Marker (for labeling your stuff – remember this is communal living)

􀀀 Evacuation/Travel Insurance (for international travelers


􀀀Personal items/toiletries/towel

􀀀 Personal lamp

􀀀 Personal cash (¥) or ATM/credit card

􀀀 Sunglasses/sunscreen/insect repellant

􀀀 2 work shirts and 2 pants

􀀀 1 set of nice clothes (at least one set for evenings, meetings, community events, etc)

􀀀 Sweatshirt/Sweater

􀀀 Warm coat/jacket

􀀀 House slippers

􀀀 Lots of socks (these tend to disappear in a communal living environment)

􀀀 Comfort food/rehydration supplement

􀀀 Laptop/camera/USB memory stick (for sharing photos!)/power adaptors

􀀀 Umbrella/poncho/Rain jacket

􀀀 Earplugs


Remember, PACK LIGHT, space is limited!

In the month since the tsunami electricity has been restored. Still, resources are limited in Japan and we would like to conserve power as much as possible. Electricity in Japan is 100-240V. The most common plugs are the 2 parallel flat pins without grounding. (Normal US appliances can run on this power supply without adaptors/converters. You can still us them if you want though) Please seriously consider your needs prior to packing anything requiring electricity.


It can be dirty, hard work, but that’s why many love it.

Do your research, know what you are getting into.
If you have any information you'd like tme to add please let me know. This is for anyone wantinig to volunteer in Japan or anywhere in the world. Please lets be strong together. And as always Show Your Heart


Angel Leeca
13 April 2011 @ 12:02 am

Live TV by Ustream
Angel Leeca
04 June 2010 @ 08:57 pm

Winds of Song
Check it out~

Angel Leeca
17 February 2010 @ 08:24 am
Happy Birthday~!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY. *glomp* I'll see you soon *re-glomp*


Happy Birthday.

Angel Leeca
15 February 2010 @ 12:30 am
I found this video youtube, and I'd really like to know what is being said here. So if someone wouldn't mind translating this into english I'd be every happy. Thank you :D

This video was originally on Tenshin26100 LJ (according to the YouTube info) Thank you Tenshin26100. :D

Angel Leeca
01 December 2009 @ 11:06 pm
Hi Angel Leeca~ here.

I just wanted to remind everyone of Winds of Song. The site that hosts all GACKT English translations.

I am looking for the English translations to: ~斬ZAN~ (Chopped ZAN) and to 雪月花-The end of silence (Setsugekka)

These are both from the Setsugekka single.

I am always looking for new and improved lyrics, so if you feel you have a better translation then what is up on the site, send it on over to Angel_Leeca@hotmail.com and I might just change out the old translation to your new one.

Please remember if you are going to send emails please put Winds of Song in the subject line. Thank you.

Feel free to link the site and to spread the word of the greatness that is Winds of Song.

Banner Code:

<center><a href= "http://gackt-lyrics.webs.com"><img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v88/midori_akina/Gackt%20Site/windsofsong123124.jpg" border=1 ALT="Winds of Song"></a></center>



Angel Leeca
21 October 2009 @ 08:49 pm
For cassandramorgan
20 October 2009 @ 09:15 pm
I have decided to hold a contest of sorts ^_^ Here is how it goes:

Starting today, if you vote for me (http://www.sam-e.com/job/profile/663), comment here (something as simple as "I VOTED!" is fine). If I pass the first round of voting (the top 20 move onto the next round), your name will then be entered to win a 2010 Gackt calendar (or an equivalent gift certificate to CD Japan or Yes Asia). If you re-post this contest listing (your blog, a LJ community, Twitter, etc.), reply here with a link to your re-post and you will receive a bonus entry.

So you want to pimp the contest out as much as you can. The more people that vote, the better the chances are that the calendar will be awarded to someone. The more you advertise the contest, the more entries you have.

In order to keep this neat, please have one 'thread' of comments. Simply reply to your own comment with any additional comments. You may vote once per day. You will receive a maximum of two entries per day. (One for voting, one for advertising). You may advertise to as many places as you like, but you will only receive ONE bonus entry per day. (For example, you can advertise to LJ community A today for your bonus entry...then advertise on your Twitter tomorrow for another bonus entry, but if you do both the LJ community and Twitter on one day, you only get one bonus entry.)

Voting and the contest ends on October 30.
Angel Leeca
07 July 2005 @ 01:16 pm
What was the start of all this?
When did the cogs of fate begin to turn?
Perhaps it is impossible to grasp that answer now,
From deep within the flow of time...
But, for a certainty, back then,
We loved so many, yet hated so much,
We hurt others and were hurt ourselves...
Yet even then we ran like the wind
Whilst our laughter echoed,
Under cerulean skies...
This is my life...

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Current Music: A Child Lost in Time